Accordion Workshops and Masterclasses

Jane Christison is available to teach workshops or masterclasses at accordion festivals, competitions, accordion club meetings and other events. Here are some of the workshops she offers:

  • Pointers for Playing and Performing (Masterclass)

    In this masterclass, accordionists of all ages and playing abilities are invited to work with Jane in front of other musicians to practice becoming a performance-ready accordionist.  She will critique, encourage and demonstrate how to deliver music to an audience.

    All attendees are invited to participate so that this is a learning experience for everyone–entertaining, energizing and educational!

  • Playing the Accordion for Fun and Fame (Workshop)

    Jane used to be terrified of playing the accordion in front of people.  In this workshop, she shares how she conquered her fears and now loves performing with the accordion.

    Learn what to do to become a versatile, performance-ready accordionist–what songs to learn, how to dress, and other playing tips.

    With enthusiasm and a megawatt smile, Jane demonstrates her MUSIC WITH A SMILE® in an entertaining workshop to take you from stage fright to center stage performing with confidence!

    Suitable for all ages and playing abilities – also available in video format!

  • Squeezing Money Out of Your Accordion: How to be a Professional, Money-Making Musician (Workshop)

    You’ve memorized hours of popular songs, you’ve got all the right costumes, but how do you get started making money as a musician?  In this workshop, Jane Christison covers topics such as how to get your first job, marketing your talent, working with booking agents, advertising, getting referrals, and even some tax tips.

    All this and more is interwoven with stories, music and songs in a delightful and informative workshop with professional accordionist, Jane Christison.

    Suitable for all ages and playing abilities – also available in video format!

  • Playing and Planning Programs for Retirement Communities, Nursing Homes and Seniors Groups (Workshop)

    Jane Christison has performed over 1,000 entertaining 45-minute Music With A Smile® programs for retirement communities, nursing homes and seniors groups.  Her programs change monthly because she includes seasonal songs, holiday salutes and sing-along favorites.
    This workshop features a demonstration of one of her Music With A Smile® programs and will include ideas for song selections and planning programs for seniors, as well as ways to market yourself and your programs.

  • I Love Playing Accordion and So Can You! (Workshop)

    Playing the accordion is what Jane loves to do,
    Smiling and squeezing and singing for you!
    But what if you’re tired and feeling a bit blue
    About playing “Beer Barrel Polka” ‘til you’re one hundred and two?
    Come to Jane’s workshop, and before she’s all through,
    She’ll give you ideas, some things you can do,
    To keep your playing interesting, to keep having fun,
    Come to Jane’s workshop to learn how that’s done!

To schedule one of these teaching sessions, or for more information. please contact Jane.